Welcome to the blog for Price’s Pretties!photo-nov-29-9-47-19-pmThis is my very first time blogging so I appreciate you bearing with me. I’ll try to make it as interesting and entertaining as possible. I started Price’s Pretties as a way to sell all the crazy crafts I get involved in. I am a bit like Mr. Toad in that I develop a mania for a certain hobby and that leads to another mania and another. An autodidactic polymath (my phrase of the week), a.k.a. a Jack of All Trades and Master of None.

I also started this business because, unlike me, my father is a master craftsmen and artist. He paints beautiful landscapes and builds gorgeous crafts like my 4-post cherry wood bed and other amazing pieces that I ask for and inevitably my sister envies, pouts and gets a copy of from my sweet father.

So this is my little introduction which I shall keep short and sweet. I will continue to update this with products and my processes. I will try to keep it light and funny and shall end this with a joke: Why do the Stormtrooper buy an iphone?





Because he couldn’t find the droid he was looking for. ┬áKeep checking back!



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