9 Etsy Artisans and Owners You Will Enjoy!

My series of blogs, featuring some amazing artists and owners of Etsy, continues.  If you ever doubt the goodness in the world, become an Etsy seller. Post a question on the Etsy forums or in an Etsy Facebook group and someone from somewhere will offer to help you for no other reason than they want you to succeed.  The Etsy community is made up of amazing people who want to support each other without any assurance of reciprocation. It’s for this reason and so many more than I write today’s blog to feature 9 more Etsy artists and owners.  I truly believe you will enjoy them and of course hope you will check out my store, Price’s Pretties, here as well.  Here’s this blog’s 9 stores in their own words:

Mermaid’s Beach Jewelry

il_570xN.990044101_jl5f.jpg“This bracelet is made with natural materials mostly. I enjoyed making it and it is designed for someone who thinks of themselves as a mermaid or who really likes the beach and ocean. Fluorite is one of my favorite materials and so is amazonite. They form a wave pattern on this bracelet which is full of free form flowing shapes.”






“I decided to evolve into a fiber artist after sewing for many years. I dye many of my own fabrics. This has allowed me to create one of a kind items. I love being a design guru for my clients– they use my hands and talent to create a gift that is a memory.”


Mohki Designs

Mohki Designs

“I sell handmade jewelry. A mix of metalsmithing techniques, electroforming and bead work. This Eye of Horus item is hand carved in wax and then cast in solid bronze (by myself) using the lost-wax method. I love to take inspiration from ancient history – especially signs and symbols. This necklace is meant to be worn as a protective amulet.”


AZpines“My name is Laura and I live in the Mountains of Arizona. Most people think of Arizona as desert but I live in a dense Ponderosa forest. I make wax sachets using flowers and greenery I collect from the forest and desert and preserve them. Once they are preserve I encase them in wax and add essential oils. Not only are they a beautiful accent to any decor but they serve a dual purpose as an air freshener. I make several different scents and all kinds of colors and can custom make them. I also make handmade paper using discarded library books with wildflower seeds that I’ve collected from the forest also. Because of the seeds, this paper can be planted and will sprout. Bookmarks and gift tags are created with this paper.”

Art Passion Bijoux

ARt Passion

“These are real queen anne’s lace flowers, dried and pressed by myself, and embedded in ecological resin which takes 2 days to dry.”





Petra Stanley Art

Petra Stanley

“I turn drab cell phone photos, into art you can hang on you child’s wall! I also create pet and art with adults of course too.”

Embellish Me Boutique

Embellish Me.jpg

“Hi I’m Liz, I began selling Heel Accessories because I love fashion! Why not dress up from head to toe?! These Ankle straps are very easy to put on and take off .”

Quietbook Petya

Quiet book.jpg

“I love to make these quiet books.”







Cindy’s Custom Art

Cindy's Custom.jpg

 “I am a self-taught artist that loves creating custom art & gifts for the home, business and garden. I specialize in painting on a wide variety of surfaces other than the traditional canvas. My art is nature – inspired and my favorite subjects are animals, both wild & domestic and anything nature related.”

Once again, I appreciate you taking the time to read this.  I hope you will check out these amazing artists and maybe purchase something wonderful for yourself.  Have a great day and as always, we end with a little humor:


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