6 More Etsy Friends You Should be Buying From!

If you haven’t already, hopefully you will check out my previous blogs featuring my fellow Etsy artists and shop owners:

These people make and/or sell some of the most beautiful pieces. So many of these items are handmade, unique, or just fun and cannot be found in stores.  I have decided I would love to feature them in my blogs, rather than just strictly promote myself. Of course, you can always find my shop here as well if you like.  🙂

Here are my 6 Etsy friends this week and their own words about their products:

Fun Shop For You 2

“I have found a way to combine my obsession to shop and find bargains and able to pass them on. I love to get a great deal find obscure items it’s the thrill of the hunt! My prices are reasonable it’s so much fun to get a messege from a buyer who recently had been looking for a missing piece from her mom’s dish set and it was in my store. She was thrilled and it made me feel good too!”

Fun for you 2

Printastic Designs 

“I’m a fellow Hoosier that does graphic design and custom vinyl wall decals in addition to printed items and signs. I love working with others to create new designs for all kinds of things from printed business cards and flyers to home decor and custom signs!”


L’Amour D’Antique

“I collect and sell vintage jewelry, both saving it from the landfill, and sharing treasures with the world. I have a love addiction to Paris, France, and of course, also to vintage jewelry. This isn’t my full-time job, but a hobby collection habit that grew too big!”

Lamour dantique

Kenza Treasures

“I sell handmade artisan jewelry and curtain ties. I have been making it upwards of 12 years now. I just get so excited when someone purchases something I have made. It’s humbling. It’s hard to say where inspiration comes from. I usually sit down and stare at things for a minute, and then it just sort of happens!”

Kenza Treasures

 Rish Studio

“Hi, I make mostly home decorating items like lamps, vase, terrariums and paintings. This cute terrarium is an artificial moss terrarium. So no soil and water needed. The hobbit house is made of polymer clay. And there is a tiny waterfall and pond in this terrarium,which is made of resin.”

Rish Studio

Reigning Crown Beads

” Love to make Jewelry; I’ve been working for Italian Jewelry Brands for the last 14+ years and now am able to make my own creations (at a MUCH lower price point.) This choker/necklace and earring set is so delicate and pretty anyone can wear it.”

Reigning Crown

So I help you’ll check out my friends (and my) page! As always, thank you for reading and let’s end with a bit of humor:


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