7 Etsy Sellers you should know!

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that the past two weeks, I’ve been featuring some of fellow sellers on Etsy. (Here’s the first and second in that series.) The biggest problem with this tactic is now I want to buy something from every store. Each one of them have some amazing pieces, whether created or discovered.  If you don’t believe me, check out these stores below.

Artisti Crochet Designartisti design

“My son asked me to make him a unique hat that no one else has. He loves to eat so we came up with a cheeseburger hat. It is one of my most favorite items I have created so far! I wrote the pattern for this hat as well. My son absolutely loves it! I mean come on its a fat free calorie free cheeseburger! what’s not to love?”





Valois FeltsValois Felts

“As a pagan and queer lady I love making representative art and colourful, feel good items. Goddesses are one of my favourite items to make and this one celebrates my love of the LGBTQ+ community. I love that it’s multi purpose too – as wall art or a necklace for parties and events.”

Cutlery Designs JS

“I make personalized children’s cutlery. You can choose any color or theme”

Cutlery Designs JS

Sonder SoapsSonder Soaps

“This is our midnight pomegranate soap (made with the BBW scent). The color inspiration comes from the “midnight” part of the scent name. We wanted it to be dark, so we added black swirls in with the purple. We topped it with white to represent clouds in the midnight sky. Whether or not we hit our look, the scent smells so delicious.”

Clock Art Vintage

“I love to draw, and I realize my need for drawing through the creation of wall clocks. Almost all of them in single copies”

Clock Art Vintage

Jax StarJax Star Clothing

“I live in sunny South Africa making childrens’ clothing mainly with local fabrics and designs. The colours are so beautiful and vibrant representing our colourful rainbow nation.”

Ash Tree Meadow DesignsAsh Tree Design

” I sell a couture clothing and costume accessories. My handmade items are all designed and handmade in Canada, and ship worldwide. From derby hats and regency bonnets to custom wedding accessories and quality clothing, Ash Tree Meadow Designs brings you unique and beautiful accessories. ~ Owner & Designer, Ashley. “

And as always, I shall mention myself because I would be crazy not to take this opportunity to introduce (or further introduce) my Etsy store: Price’s Pretties. I thought I would show you my best seller because everyone loves Hamilton.  Look for a new Hamilton-inspired craft next week. In the meantime, here is the pendant that everyone loves:

Photo Mar 21, 10 18 17 PM

Also, as always, I shall end with a little humor to hopefully brighten your day:


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