5 More Etsy Friends for you to meet! See these Amazing artists!

If you saw last week’s posts, you know that I have decided to feature Etsy artists from my group on Facebook.  These are some amazing craftspeople and sellers and I hope you’ll check them out.  Like before, these are their own words about the products and process.

Love Liesel Crafts

“A handmade layered style paper cut art custom pet portrait – capture your favourite picture of your furry friend in a work of paper cutting art. These make a great cat portrait, dog portrait, rabbit portrait, horse portrait, or absolutely any other animal as they are completely custom pet portraits designed using photographs of your beloved pets. They are are wonderful way to have a pet memorial piece in a modern and unique way too.

These paper cuts are made up of multiple different coloured layers of lovely hammered 160gsm paper in shades of grey.

These custom portraits take about 2 hours to prepare for cutting – the picture has to be just perfect. And then anything up to 12 hours to cut by hand, layer and position correctly and then frame. They truly are a labour of love and they are my absolute favourite style of paper cutting. ”

Love Liesel



“I love making items for kids! And my daughter loves modeling my items (for the small price of a sweet treat) and always has her say in which color sunglasses best match each item. I found this video game controller fabric and my inner geek couldn’t pass it up! My second favorite feature – all my aprons are reversible!”






Be You By Jacqueline

“Made this bracelet recently. Its pink and green natural bead with a heart charm. Made with stretch beading cord. Perfect gift for mothers’ day.”

Be you by jaqueline


Dragonfly H Jewelry –

“I love working with wire and since I discovered it by mistake- I never looked back. I create unique jewelry, bookmarks and some framed art. Here is link to one of my makes, all of them are ooak” DragoflyH

Moments of Creativity

” I love making natural skin care products and that is what a majority of my shop consists of. I started experimenting with all natural whipped lotions first because my son has eczema and couldn’t use a majority of the lotions available on storeMoments of Creativity shelves. I researched butters and oils which are super moisturizing, created a lotion and that is where I got my start. After that I moved onto scrubs, soaps and more!
Spring Critters in Spring Colors Easter Soaps… the perfect alternative to a basket full of only candy! 😀 ”


And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t tout my own store, Price’s Pretties and our newest work of art by my father.  I love it so.  Me


We will end with a little humor as well.  Thanks and have a great day! seo-humor-art-1

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