Meet 10 of my Etsy-selling Friends: The People behind the Product

Last weekend, I truly racked my brain trying to figure out what to put in my blog. The struggle is very real, people.  🙂  What should I write about that could tie back to my Etsy store? I read articles that suggested blog ideas, like write about my process, make lists, etc. but nothing really seemed to strike me as interesting. Meanwhile, over on Facebook, I was watching post after post of people in my Etsy-selling group asking for suggestions on promotions. We all seemed to struggle with the same problem.  We had lovely items to sell but no idea how to get the word out. Almost all the responses to these posts were positive and helpful. Etsy sellers are like old war buddies: We’ve done the hard work. We’ve sat in the trenches together and we shared the same experiences and trial and tribulations and now we are all just hoping for a little recognition. This is when it struck me! If I felt like I had said enough about myself in my blogs, why not say some things about others?  I posted in my Facebook group that I would like to feature others and the response has been phenomenal! I have weeks of blog material. I get to help others and in the end, it helps me because all I asked in return was a little cross-promotion.  I think it is a good idea. Hopefully, you will too.

Obviously, I would be silly if I didn’t take this opportunity to re-introduce you to my store: Price’s Pretties.  If you hadn’t seen, my store is a combination of crafts made by my father and me. He is now retired and loves to do woodworking and painting and I personally think he is unbelievably skilled. Check out the story of the painting below. I like to make jewelry and papercraft items. We have been doing this for about 6 months now and have seen some peaks and valleys as any store might, but overall we just enjoy the challenge.

Now, let me introduce you to a few of my new friends.  These hard working artisans like me would love just a moment of your time and attention (and if you are willing to purchase something, even better). Everything is in their own words so you can learn more about their processes and practices.

Stella Magia Designsil_570xN.1200691187_pq7y

“I love playing with color, sometimes making combinations you wouldn’t think worked together but then when you see it you’re amazed at how well it goes together. I like making bold jewelry, usually in color but also in size, for people who aren’t afraid of getting some attention.”

Neha Agarwal Palette Story

“I have these hand painted boxes..They are perfect for keeping your pretty jewelry/ keesakes.. would make great Bridesmaid proposal boxes.. I can personalise them with their names painted on the inside.. each box is unique because I paint a different design each time!”


5 Horizons Apothecary

I sell herbal goodies, and I think it’s unfamiliar territory for a lot of people. So I offer samples for those who are curious but don’t want to commit to the full-sized item.”


Branding Iron Trading Company

“Branded Blossom Caps have evolved a lot since I started making them. I’ve crafted a unique interchangeable base that allows you to swap out flowers on one base haBranding Iron Trading Cot so you can achive all sorts of different looks. They were created to meet the need of a local Zumba instructor’s love of black caps with neon Blossoms but they’ve also been gifted countless times to cancer patients undergoing chemo. We’ve even done fundraisers with them to raise money to pay for treatments. I make them in all sorts of patterns and colors and I’d love to share a feature on them ♡”

NT Handmade Jewelry

“We make real flower jewelry.”

NT Handmade


I create a crochet items for all ages. I’m also a budding crochet pattern designer. I love to create one of kind crochet items that bring a smile to the recipients face.”




“Just celebrating my love for all things geek. These are my favorite out of all of the wine glasses I’ve etched and painted. But I also love working with people to design their ideal item and doing custom orders whether it’s an etched glass, woodburned box, or a simple vinyl embellished tote or vinyl decal”




I CreI creationsations Boutique

“This is one of my latest creations. This stunning clutch purse is made from red suede with silver trim and the interior is lined with a rich red satin which provides an elegant and sophisticated feel to the purse. Every purse is padded with batting thereby giving the purse a luxuriously soft feel and touch. The purse has ample space to carry a mobile, few make up essentials, keys, money wallet even a small bottle of perfume.”

Tatters To Treasures

“Tatters to Treasures has been on Etsy since 2009 designing and creating fiber art clothing and accessories”Tatters to Treasures

Mandragora Studio

“A piece of jewelry inspired by Greek mythology. Meduse macrame necklace.” Mandragora

I have a lot more friends who would love to be introduced to you so hopefully you’ll come back and enjoy this beautiful artistry.  I am more than happy to help others out as well if you want to contact me. I feel like this is a great way to “window shop” and get to know the people behind the product.  I hope readers feel the same way.  As always, I shall end with a little humor.  Thanks all and happy shopping!

Retail therapy

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