10 Famous Quotes Worthy of Selling

For many of us in the handcrafting business, we are looking for that saying or quote that fits two very important criteria:

1.) Is it copyrighted?

2.) Is it sell-able?

Obviously, everyone knows famous movie quotes, song lyrics, and recently published books are off limits. Try putting something on Etsy with ANYTHING Harry Potter -related on it and Warner Brothers will have it pulled for copyright infringement faster than you can say, “Avada Kedavra!” It’s frustrating for sure, but nonetheless, it’s understandable that companies need to protect their intellectual property.

So what’s a poor crafts person to do?  You could say, “Frankly, Miss Scarlet.  I don’t give a damn” and try your luck that you don’t get caught by the big companies or that they aren’t going to worry about a little fish like you. However, I’ve taken a different approach. I’ve collected 10 sayings that I know aren’t copyrighted and I think are worth buying on a necklace, sign, t-shirt, etc. These are in no particular order.


















Already made this one into a necklace!




charlesdickens1madNothing like a little Alice in Wonderland for you!






sherlockAnd I had to end with Sherlock Holmes!


If you have other quotes you think would be great for crafters like me, let me know. I appreciate all feedback.  As always, I will end with a little humor:


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