Trials and Challenges of being an Etsy seller

Hello all. I apologize for being remiss in blogging lately, but honestly, I’ve had writer’s block. Blog block as it were.  Nonetheless, I’ve decided to push on and convey what other’s have probably already learned: the trials and challenges of being an Etsy seller.

Let me say that I am inordinately impressed with Etsy sellers who have thousands of sales and beautiful stores.  They set such amazing examples and I find so many sellers are always willing to help others.  The forums and team posts make me happy. Sellers like IddellDewGardens and IrishTreasure work so hard promoting and promoting, they deserve great success.

For me, being an Etsy seller on my shop Price’s Pretties, the big challenges and trials lie in the many hats you have to wear: Writer, Social Media Marketer, Photographer, Creator, Artist.

I grew up with a mother who taught English. When I was 8, I told her I wanted to read a classic and she sat me down with Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.  I’ve always felt the power of the written word placed upon me so I thought I had cultivated myself into a pretty decent writer. Yet somehow, staring at a creation that I’ve made and trying to come up with an advertisement that sounds motivational, yet still humble tends to daunt me.  I think it is beautiful but would anyone else?  img_2639

Then there’s social media marketing. No point in writing anything if no one is going to read it, right?  My biggest challenge there is how do I generate followers, likes, etc. without bugging the heck out of people?  I’ve read the information that says 3 Facebook posts a day max, 14 Twitter posts a day for optimal reaching, etc. However, I can’t imagine people aren’t tired of seeing the same thing (or a variation of that) over and over.  On top of that, I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get people to like my Facebook page without just bugging my friends who already like my personal page.  Grumble.

Photography – Ugh.  I hear over and over that to be successful on Etsy, you have to have great pictures of your merchandise. I’ve read about light boxes and SLR and fancy cameras, etc. but all I have is my iPhone and a black velvet form that I bought at Michael’s. I am not sure what to do differently.  I think some of my pics are pretty good but I feel like I need to be Ansel Adams to really take it up a notch.

Available here


Being a creator and artist used to be the easiest part for me. If I got stuck, I’d go on Pinterest and mimic another piece I liked with my own beads or I’d go to Michael’s and pick out beads that inspired me. Maybe it’s the weather or that I’ve been doing this creating and selling non-stop for the past 4 months, but I’ve hit a bit of a rut.  I’ll push through it but I am just feeling like there is nothing new under the sun and maybe that’s ok.

The biggest challenge as a creator, in my mind, is that you have to have thick skin.  What you may think is beautiful may not sell right away or at all. Not taking that personally is tough for me, but I’m sure I’ll find a way through.  I’ve had this necklace for sale since the beginning and while I think it is fun and fabulous, it hasn’t made its way out the door.  Maybe soon.  purple-statemetn

If you have any solutions to my challenges, I would love to hear from you in the comments.  Even if you just want to rant like I’ve done, I would appreciate the company.  Thanks so much for understanding.  As always, I will end with a little humor:


Thanks again!




4 thoughts on “Trials and Challenges of being an Etsy seller

  1. I feel your pain. I don’t yet sell on etsy but it is my next step and I know the challenges are going to be many. I’ve had a facebook page for years with little success even when I paid to advertise. The one thing I always come back to is I simply have a need to create – and if I am the only one to get pleasure from that, then it’s ok by me. Your jewellery pieces are lovely.


  2. I love love your creations and your blog. I have to restrain myself or I’d buy so many of them.
    Think you are critical of yourself. But many of us are. ..what about seeing if they would let you sell some stuff at boutiques? I know we have some great ones where I live.

    Keep doing what your doing. And soon it will pay off.


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