Out-of-the-box jewelry supplies make for unique necklaces! Share your ideas.

I make no secret about my love for repurposing.  I was at my mother’s this weekend and she was about to throw away an old lap desk and my father and I both ran to its rescue! For that reason as well as sheer frugality, I often look for jewelry materials in other places. Besides, part of the reason people will buy handmade versus something from Target or Claire’s is because they are getting something unique that not everyone is wearing.  Here are a few of my out-of-the-box ideas and necklaces that came from them.

Taking apart floral arrangements

For those of us who buy a lot of our supplies at the major chain stores, we know that the markup on the higher end beads can be a tough pill to swallow, especially for crystal and wedding type beads. Even with a 50% off coupon, you can still end up paying $5 for a set of 16 beads which won’t even make a full necklace.  I don’t tend to mark up my necklaces to the most extravagant price points so that’s more than I am willing to afford.  photo-jan-14-10-28-25-pm

So as I was standing in line at Michael’s one day, I noticed a very large sprig of crystals in their floral department. I examined it closely and realized it was mostly just wire with much of the same crystal beads you would purchase. It was $12 but considering it had over 100 beads on it, it would be a steal when I got a 50% off coupon!

When I bought it and took it home, I realized if I was really frugal, I could reuse the wire too but thought that was a bigger hassle than it was worth.  Look at all the beads I got for just $6:


I was able to make this beautiful necklace and earrings with plenty beads left over for more projects.


Dollar Tree decor

I spend more time at Dollar Tree than almost any other store. When I take my 15-year old nephew in there, he never fails to be in wonder at the fact that everything in there is only $1 and wonders why the same thing is more than a dollar at other stores or why anyone would pay more. Our big joke is that we wonder if the gum in the gumball machine is $1. Dumb but funny to us.

Anyhow, I love going into Dollar Tree and finding things to be creative with. Obviously, I can try new designs and projects with minimal investment. If I mess them up, I am out one dollar.  The other day I was perusing the aisles when a flower caught my eye. It was sparkly which almost always makes my head turn. I decided to buy it and see if it could possibly be added to a necklace.  When I got it out of the package at home, I found it had wire clasps on the back perfect for adding to jewelry.  I think it worked out really well. What do you think?



Goodwill finds

As I said before in 9 Necklaces in a week!, I love Goodwill and other thrift shops.  You just never know what you might find.  I cannot wait to purchase a Dremel tool so I can start drilling game tokens and other interesting things I’ve discovered.  Yes, it does take some digging, some perseverance and some luck but every once in a while you’ll come across a little gem like this one. Obviously intended to be a Christmas ornament, I got 8 of these green crystals for $2. This is the first necklace I made with one of them but I think it came out beautifully.


I would love to hear what other things you’ve found to make jewelry and how they’ve worked out for you. If you have pictures, that would be even better!

As always, I shall finish with some humor and hope that you have a great week!

Hilarious quote from Joan Rivers: “I don’t exercise.  If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor.”

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