The Story of a Painting

lakeWhen it comes to artistic drawing and painting, I sadly did not inherit my father’s talents. My stick figures look more like logs. Needless to say, I am always in awe of the artistic abilities I don’t have so it was like finding a treasure when I ran across a painting in my father’s studio that I had never seen before.  As I pulled the canvas out from a stack of others, my breath was taken away. This was unlike most of my father’s other paintings. It had almost an impressionist feel to it as opposed to his usual realist style.

The picture’s setting is my great-uncle’s lake in Terre Haute, Indiana although truly this could be any boyhood/girlhood fishing hole.  In fact, this was the location where I went fishing with dad as a kid, where he still goes fishing with his buddies and where my father, as a child, went fishing with his uncle. I remember being 8 years old with my little orange reel and being so excited the minute the bobber got pulled under water. It took me a few tries to keep my elation under control before pulling on the line, but my father was a patient teacher and eventually my sister and I caught bluegill after bluegill. We threw them all back because none were really big enough to eat, sure that the next time we would catch one of the MANY bass that were known to live in this lake.  Never happened. Ultimately, my cousin came out of the house that sits just off shore and began throwing in pellets that brought the bass out but none of them ever bit our lines. As frustrating as that might have been, it was overall a great day with my dad and a memory I’ll cherish forever.

Now, I find this painting that represents this memory for me. We still drive past the lake from time to time when we are in Terre Haute to see if it is up or down. I suspect so many of you have a similar place like that in your memories (at least I hope you do): a place that symbolizes a simpler time when you found yourself at peace. If you would like this painting to remind you of that time, it is available in my Etsy store here. Either way, I hope you cherish those memories and keep them close to your heart.  Thanks for reading and as always I shall finish with a little humor:


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