9 Necklaces in a week!

Hello all. While I have been remiss in writing a new blog for awhile, I promise you I have been hard at work on new creations. I guess I must have gotten inspired or maybe the reality of both Jimmy Fallon hosting the Golden Globes AND a new episode of Sherlock was just an overabundance of wonderfulness that I had to pass that on. Either way, the past week I’ve managed to make 9 new necklaces in some very different styles!

Mardi Gras Necklace 

First off, I am definitely about celebrations and with Christmas over, it’s time to start focusing on Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras! Being inspired by those big events (and the 50% off sale at Michael’s ), I created this fun necklace fit for a New Orleans parade.

Bridal Necklace pearl-necklace

Of course, I am already ready to write off winter so looking at spring brings out the possibilities of those spring weddings.With that, I moved on to a bridal necklace. After the excessive beading from the Mardi Gras necklace, I went the simple route and put together this braided rope with a single gold chain. I think the results came out lovely.

Green Crystal Necklace

This necklace actually came about in an interesting way. I am a big proponent of re-purposing items so I love thrift shops. A quick perusal through the often chaotic shelves of my local store store and I found 9 of these green crystals. They were obviously meant to be decorative for Christmas. Personally, I love the idea of taking items you wouldn’t normally think of for a necklace and creating one. I may eventually put several of the crystals together, but I started out by creating this simple one by adding a tiny crystal I already had.

Black Fan Necklace

The next one came from inspiration from a pin on Pinterest. I am sure you are all aware but Pinterest is the best place when you are stuck. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, there are a lot of great jewelry artists that should be flattered because I have imitated their designs many times over. A new design, to me, is what makes creating jewelry the most fun.

Purple Toggle Clasp Necklace

While my go-to hardware is usually a lobster claw clasp, I love how a toggle clasp is part of the necklace and not just a fastener. Changing up the design as well as the color keeps things fun for me so I made this.

Turquoise and Brown necklace


Admittedly, I love the color blue and there is just something about the combination of turquoise and brown that makes me happy. The colors are just so versatile. I’ve owned beads that look like this before but never felt I put them to good use. For me as a designer, flat beads never seem to lay correctly when on a strand so I decided to separate them. I love the result.

3-strand braided necklace

Again, I love blue. I also love this design of braiding three wires while intermittently adding beads.

3 Metal necklace


After the braiding, I needed a break so I went with this simple necklace. The copper, silver and gold were already purchased together so it just became a choice of choosing what chain to add to the length. As the fasteners on either ends were gold, the decision came easily.

Pink chandelier necklace

I have bought these iridescent beads in green and blue and have never been disappointed with the results so I decided I need to change it up and go for pink. I never leave out the color pink on purpose. 🙂 I borrowed and adapted this design from another Pinterest post and again really loved the results. I think there is something very elegant, yet almost simple in this look. I will make this confession that I often wear my necklaces that are on sale as A)  I hope it is good advertising and B) I love wearing some bling!

Thanks as always for checking us out. You can see the full store here. Be prepared for a change of pace with a new craft possibly taking over our life soon. We will still continue to make jewelry but other items will be popping up as well. Per the usual, we will end our blog with a little humor. This time from the most recent episode of Sherlock: “Of course I have no idea how fast I was driving. I was on my phone!”

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