When that one jewel or bead haunts you!

Happy 2017! If you make jewelry like I do, inevitably you will be in a store and see some bead or jewel that you fall in love with. You’ll take it home and feel that this piece will inspire you to create the most beautiful necklace/bracelet/earrings ever….and then it will sit there…and sit there….and sit there. Eventually, it will taunt you like some nasty bully on the playground. What was supposed to be your muse has now become your curse.

Ok, maybe it’s not quite that severe but it does happen to me that I’ll get home with something really lovely and I’ll be unable to think how I can possibly give it the proper setting. Thus was the case with a large brown gem I picked up months ago. I searched Pinterest and browsed the internet but nothing inspired me on what to do with this hefty gem.

img_2190Here is the vicious piece in question. Simple, large (2 inches in length) and lovely, this crystal deserved some love. Finally, I decided to just break down and try something. Experts say if you have writer’s block to try writing anything to break your way through. I think the same goes for any creative process: Painting, writing, choreography. You just have to do something and correct it later.  This is how so many of my favorite pieces have been created.



Thus I began. I found a simple design onimg_2189 Pinterest that combined a large gem with seed beads.  Thanks to Dollar Tree, I have seed beads in every color, including brown. I started with my brown crystal seed beads but quickly realized that I wasn’t going to have enough, even if I interlaced them with some silver so I decided to modulate every 10 crystal beads with 10 sea glass beads. As with so many of my creations, desperation breeds innovation. Often times, I’ll get in the middle of a project and realize that my bead board has failed me and the amount of beads I have just aren’t going to get me to the length I want. I’ll end up making last minute adjustments that often times end up better than the original plan.

After stringing this all together, I was very pleased with the finished product available for purchase here.  I felt I had done the gem that had haunted me for so long, some justice and the necklace turned out beautifully.

My advice for you if you end up with those beads or gems that seem to stifle you is just try something; anything! Maybe you’ll hate it or fall in love with it, but the best thing about jewelry making is that it is a very forgiving hobby. If something doesn’t work for you, you can take it apart and put it together a different way. Even when we “fail,” it’s only a temporary setback and who knows? Maybe that mistake will be your muse. Best of luck to you.

As always, we will end with a little humor: Why did Adele cross the road?  She wanted to say HELLO from the other side.  🙂



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