5 Reasons to look forward to 2017 (from an entertainment standpoint)

For those of us who love pop culture, this has been a tough year.  We’ve lost Ziggy Stardust and Jareth from Labyrinth, Severus Snape from Harry Potter, Carol Brady, Dr. Jason Seaver, the man who told us to wake him up before we go-go, the voice of Charlotte the spider, and real royalty in Prince and our dear Princess Leia. There has been, of course, many others but for me, personally, those hit me hardest. However, from an entertainment standpoint, 2017 already has some hope on the horizon to bring our saddest nights into some of our most entertained days. Here’s my list of the top 5 things I am looking forward to in 2017!

sherlock-holmes-returns5. Sherlock (January) – The year starts right off with a bang, debuting the first episode on January 1st. Considering it’s been almost three years since we’ve had a “full” season of episodes, this is hugely welcome and Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are just so enjoyable! I’ve watched the trailer for season 4 a few times already and I am here to tell you the game is afoot!

jimmy-fallon4. Jimmy Fallon hosting the Golden Globes (February) – Okay, so my Fallon obsession is a bit out of control, but seriously, have you ever seen the man in a lip sync contest or just hanging out with Justin Timberlake on his show? Fallon is the everyman, the guy who makes you feel like you are a rockstar because he laughs at all your jokes and thinks everything you do is amazing, despite the fact that everything he does makes him remarkable in his own right. His self-deprecating style will play well as the host of the Golden Globes and he will find a way to make every star glow a little brighter.

beauty-and-the-beast3. Beauty and the Beast (March) – I worked for Disney for 5 years. I’ve been going to the theme parks since I was 2. Beauty and the Beast, the animated movie truly took my breath away so why should anyone be surprised that this made the list? As if having Hermione Granger as the glorious Belle wasn’t enough, they had to include Ewan MacGregor as that scamp, Lumiere. Combining a Harry Potter alum with a Star Wars alum in a classic Disney film with music may just be more than this little fan girl can stand! Throw in Ian McKellan  (a.k.a Gandalf, a.k.a Magneto) as Cogsworth and worlds start to collide.  Check out my necklace that pays tribute to this movie here.




2. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 –  (May) If you have not watched the Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 trailer at least 3 times, your sense of
whimsy is severely lacking. The team is back and this time they have Baby Groot. How cute is this guy! He is Groot as usual but tiny and innocently ignorant. I cannot wait!


1. Star Wars, Volume VIII (December) – Despite the loss of our dear Princess Leia (or maybe because of it), I cannot wait to see this movie. Is Rey Luke Skywalker’s daughter? Will Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren switch over to the good side? If so, who will be the big baddie? We need answers, people!

So that’s what I am looking forward to most in 2017’s entertainment world. There are a lot of other choices with Pirates of the Caribbean adding another installment, Justice League coming out and Tom Cruise’s The Mummy looking intriguing. Hopefully, we will get to hang on to those we cherish a little longer and all have a prosperous and happy 2017! I wish that for you!

Thanks for checking us out and as always, we will end with a little humor from the amazing Steven Wright: I think it’s wrong that one company makes the game Monopoly.


3 thoughts on “5 Reasons to look forward to 2017 (from an entertainment standpoint)

    1. I think the next few episodes will have more sleuthing. I see the delving into their personal lives as character development, which should intensify future plots. If this series were a book, it would be easier to see the progression. But alas, TV viewers must wait with bated breath for each new chapter 🙂


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