My Teenage Nephew wants to help pay for college

So I have to share this story because it is too sweet and so indicative of what a genuinely good person my 15 year old nephew is. This is the kid, who when asked what he wanted for Christmas 2 years ago, said to buy a needy person a coat instead of a present for him. This is the kid who put on his Christmas wish list this year a cat bed so his cat would have some place warm to sleep. His kindness just makes me believe that there is so much good still left in the world.

Anyhow, I was taking him home from his volunteering program the other night and he told me he wants to get a job to help raise money for his college fund. Mind you, the child’s parents both work for a university and his tuition will be taken care of but he wants to contribute nonetheless. During my studies in Psychology, I remembered that teenagers who have jobs during their high school year generally suffer in the classroom so I was pretty vehemently telling him he should focus on his studies instead but I could tell he was worried as is his nature.

Last year, he designed me a phone stand out of the hundreds of Legos he still has but no longer plays with. Every time someone walks past my desk and sees my phone, they ask me “Are those Legos?”I’ve since had him make two more for colleagues who had previously borrowed the stand to conduct Skype interviews so I figured why not use a little synergy: raise some money for the boy and provide people with the cool stands. I told my nephew I would market his design on my Etsy story and give him 75% of the profit (basically I am just covering my Etsy fees and shipping fees.) Check out the design below:

So if you would like to help a young boy raise some money for his college and get a cool phone stand that your co-workers will covet, you can purchase them at my Etsy store here. It will make my Christmas even if we only sell one!


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