Making of the Butterfly necklace

At the suggestion of those in the know, I decided to document my process in making some of my jewelry with both pictures and words. I thought this was especially interesting for most recent creation: the Butterfly necklace. What made it interesting for me is trial and error and learning a new process.  First off, let me share the process I learned because I LOVE it though it does take a bit of practice to get it down. I learned it from this youtube video.img_1958

I have oodles of nail polish on hand (pun intended) so this was a simple craft to try. I started by making a flower which didn’t turn out so great and then I made a 4-leaf clover (better) but then finished up with this dragonfly inspired by my friend, April. My eleven year old niece will be getting the 4-leaf clover because she’s Irish and I love her.

In my exuberant collection of beads, I already had some butterflies so I decided to pair them up with the dragonfly. I am inordinately drawn to cool colors, i.e. blue and green so I laid them out on bead board and the created some charms using eye pins.

I put it all together but the dragonfly was not dangling the way I liked. I had made the loop too far away from the actual chest of the dragonfly so he flipped and flopped, not at all the zooming and zagging of a real one.  🙂  I removed our friendly little bug and went for the old standard of creating a charm tassel.  “Charm tassel”.  That’s not a technical term as far as I know, but I like it.


I put it all together and I think it turned out lovely.  If you would like to purchase it, it is available on my website here and I did make earrings that I will throw in for free with the necklace!

And as always, a little bit of humor: How many flies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?




Two, but don’t ask me how they got in there!



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