My Process for Jewelry

So I really enjoy making jewelry. I can do it while watching a television show or movie and not feel like I am being a huge slacker. I have learned valuable lessons about the process along the way though. Here’s a few things I’ve learned:

1.) There is no way to make jewelry and watch a movie with subtitles of any kind. I have luckily seen Angles and Demons so many times I know what is going on but when they start speaking Italian, I have to put down my piece and actually pay attention. This is why I put on movies I’ve seen multiple times and contain all English. I’ve made many a necklace while The Social Network has played in the background.

2.) I am constantly looking for new styles and elements. When I find a piece I love on Pinterest, I’ll pin it and copy it with my own supplies.

3.) I love getting to recycle items. Puzzle pieces, acorn tops and buttons are my current favorite. Look for those to pop up soon in my store.

4.) I am always looking for new elements. If you are looking for me this evening, I’ll be thrift shopping to see if there is a handful of old jewelry I can repurpose. If you have old jewelry you don’t want any more, I’ll take it and hopefully make something new and shiny.

5.) Lastly, 4 hours of jewelry making is about all I can handle at one time. Otherwise, my hands start hurting and I risk getting a callous. What a horrible world that would be!

And as is always going to be most important in my blogs, I shall end with something humorous. Today it shall be a line from O Brother, where Art thou? or as my mother and I call it, O bro, where’d you go?………”Ain’t this place a geographical oddity? Two weeks from everywhere!”



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